A sorceress with a shrouded past. A captain without lord or men. A kingdom with its people divided.

Sjadia is a mystery to those beyond its borders. The three races that inhabit the land fear and loathe each other. The empress of Sjadia rules over the humans and controls most of the kingdom. Under her reign, the poor suffer and the rich profit.

Most people would see the situation as hopeless. But most people don't have a dark past they're seeking redemption from. Sorceress and captain aren't just any two people. They're two women with skills, determination, and nothing but time on their hands. They also have a score to settle with the empress, and neither one is used to backing down.

Can two former villains break ancient prejudices and convince the Drazoku to work with them to benefit all of Sjadia? Or will the races of Sjadia decide segregation is more important than their freedom?

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